Business Management Solutions

SSP Outsourcing provides business management solutions to some of the leading US companies as well as those situated abroad. We provide solutions based on the best practices followed globally to help our clients overcome supply chain challenges efficiently. We provide solutions for companies from different industries such as medical, automotive, material handling, railroad, construction & agricultural machinery, printing, and air gun.

• Purchasing and supply chain consulting support is offered to companies that seek to strengthen their organization, supply chain strategy, and supplier-customer relationships.
• Solutions for businesses, including warehousing, manufacturing, distribution, and transportation are provided effectively.
• Assistance is provided for setting up subsidiary companies and we manage these subsidiary companies for our clients.
• Consulting and decisional support; and centralized, strategic business planning are incorporated in our business management services.
• We help resolve problems faced by our clients in the areas of demand-supply, product lifecycle management, and inventory management, using a professional approach.
• Complete Management and Representation Services.


General Services

Business Management Solutions
Import and Export
Quality Finished Parts
Warehousing and Distributing

Industries Served

Air Gun
Construction & Agricultural Machinery
Material Handling

Secondary Services

Special Packaging

Programs Offered

Cost Reduction
Expediting & Negotiation
Vendor Reduction

QC Processed & Certifications

Competitive analysis on like parts
Complete tracking and monitoring of product
Tooling reviews for plant shut downs