Quality Finished Parts

SSP Outsourcing has been in business since 1992 providing products and services to many OEMs, distributors and manufacturing companies. We supply high-quality machined and fabricated parts to our clients from diversified industries across the globe. We incorporate the best methods and systems to deliver the ideal part desired by clients.

• Simple or complex parts manufactured from premium-quality raw materials are supplied in small, medium, or large quantities.
We are equipped to supply castings, forgings, and other finished parts at competitive prices according to customer specifications and drawings.
• We can supply screw-machined, rolled-threaded, cold-headed, stamped, and fabricated parts depending on customer requirements.
• Gears, rubber hoses and belts, AG and conveyor belts, AG cutting parts, decals, fasteners, fittings and couplings, and fabricated tubes are some of the parts we supply.
• Machined and fabricated parts are warehoused and distributed at reduced costs after continual quality audits and assessments.
• We undertake the annual machining and fabrication requirements of our customers efficiently. We also provide a variety of assembly and special packaging services.


Parts Supplied

AG and conveyor belts
AG cutting parts
Fabricated tubes
Fittings and couplings
Rubber hoses and belts
Screw-machined, rolled-threaded, cold-headed, stamped, and fabricated parts

General Services

Business Management Solutions
Import and Export
Quality Finished Parts
Warehousing and Distributing

Industries Served

Air Gun
Construction & Agricultural Machinery
Material Handling

Secondary Services

Special Packaging

Programs Offered

Cost Reduction
Expediting & Negotiation
Vendor Reduction

QC Process & Certification

Competitive analysis on like parts
Complete tracking and monitoring of product
Tooling reviews for plant shut downs