Purchasing Solutions

SSP Outsourcing is a single-source provider of a wide range of purchasing services. We can address all your diversified purchasing needs such as outsourcing, duplication, custom manufacturing, or bidding on existing products effectively. Our clientele includes companies from the medical, automotive, material handling, railroad, construction & agricultural machinery, printing, and air gun industries.

• We offer professional purchasing services, exclusively for buyers and sellers to purchase products at the best competitive prices. We also offer contract purchasing services.
• Special Programs: Vendor Reduction, Contract and Purchase Price Variance (PPV) Services are Available.
• We can undertake all kinds of outsourcing work such as custom manufacturing, finished parts supply, import and export, warehousing, and distribution.
• We can undertake product tracking and monitoring throughout the supply chain, from the placement of order to delivery stages.
• Our services incorporate quality surveillance of products at the pre-processing, shipping, and delivery stages.
• We function as an international as well as domestic consultant for importers and exporters, by providing strategic business management solutions to clients.


Special Services

Business Management Solutions
Import and Export
Quality Finished Parts
Warehousing and Distributing

Industries Served

Air Gun
Construction & Agricultural Machinery
Material Handling

Secondary Services

Special Packaging

Programs Offered

Cost Reduction
Expediting & Negotiation
Vendor Reduction

QC Process & Certification

Competitive analysis on like parts
Complete tracking and monitoring of product
Tooling reviews for plant shut downs