Warehousing & Distribution Services

SSP Outsourcing has been providing high-quality warehousing and distributing services to OEMs, distributors, and manufacturing companies since 1992. We have the expertise and on-site facility to stock, import, and export products by implementing proven warehousing and distributing solutions.

• Warehousing and distribution of products are strategically planned to ensure peak performance in all our operations.
• We provide effective management of products from initial stages to final shipping. Once your products arrive, we can arrange for warehousing, handle all kinds of break-bulk, consolidation, pick and pack operations, and help in distributing them.
• Our services include customs clearance, receiving, bar coding, inventory control, direct ship programs, and administrative handling.
Inventory levels throughout the supply chain are tracked and analyzed to understand the needs of customers and provide solutions accordingly. We are equipped to offer flawless, reliable inventory management solutions.
• Product quality, schedule, and cost conformance are maintained in all our operations. We apply the best designs, processes, and systems to optimize product flow, logistics costs, and service levels.


Special Services

Administrative Handling
Bar Coding
Customs Clearance
Direct Ship Programs
Inventory Control

General Services

Business Management Solutions
Import and Export
Quality Finished Parts
Warehousing and Distributing

Industries Served

Air Gun
Construction & Agricultural Machinery
Material Handling

Secondary Services

Special Packaging

Programs Offered

Cost Reduction
Expediting & Negotiation
Vendor Reduction

QC Process & Certification

Competitive analysis on like parts
Complete tracking and monitoring of product
Tooling reviews for plant shut downs